Payment methods

Payment methods

We offer We offer the payment method described below on our site. Select the most convenient payment method for you.

Payments with cart : it is the easiest and fastest way to make your purchases. It is a totally secure payment system, since the entire process is done through Servired (International Visa) and, therefore, always has the latest security measures to protect the data of your card.

Transfer or bank deposit Simply complete your order by selecting this payment method and, upon completing your request, you will receive an email with the amount to pay and the bank account details to make the deposit or bank transfer.

Send us proof of payment. It is not necessary to enter the email subject or your first name and surname or the order number so that we can locate it as easily as possible.

Your order will be reserved for three calendar days (second to sixth, except holidays). If, after this period, we do not receive payment, your order will be cancelled.

The shipment will only be made after receipt of the total amount of the order.